We are dedicated to constant improvement and development, ensuring that we meet our targets and provide the community with what has been promised. 

The Rebus team has been hard at work and remained focused in order to achieve the set-out goals and objectives.

April/May 2021

The problem was born..


May/June 2021

Initial high-level solution was conceptualized. Conducted primary and secondary research.


July/August 2021

The project takes off. Rebus is born. Started the technical research for the project and proposed the initial solution. Decided on the core team for the project. Worked on the initial version of the financials and investors package. Began conversations with assets managers.


1st Quarter 2022

Define and stared the design of financial products. Started blockchain development.


November/December 2021

Closed investment round, formed Swiss company. Finalized the coin technology architecture. Started on product design, and work with Swiss lawyers for assets managers and SRO process. Continued on the marketing partner research.


September/October 2021

Finalized investment package, set up investment companies, commenced the creation process for the Swiss company, began receiving funds from investors and conducted research for marketing partners. Also, shifted strategies around the base platform for the coin, and began with funding.


2nd Quarter 2022

Finished design of financial products and establish assets manager and developer partnerships.


3rd Quarter 2022

Launched Testnet, and worked on airdrop and blockchain upgrades. Prepare for launch. Finalized partnerships contracts.


4th Quarter 2022

Launch Mainnet, LBP, exchange listing, and SRO application. Develop NFTID and Rebus Vault


2nd Half 2023

Stablecoin product and DropMint NFT Marketplace live.


2nd Quarter 2023

NFT and LP financial products and DropMint NFT Creator live. Stablecoin product in development.


1st Quarter 2023

SRO certification, staking financial product live, LP product in development. DropMint NFT drops and token gating platform live.

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