We are dedicated to constant improvement and development, ensuring that we meet our targets and provide the community with what has been promised.

The Rebus team has been hard at work and remained focused in order to achieve the set-out goals and objectives.

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Q2 2021
Q3 2021
Q4 2021
Q1 2022
Q2 2022
Q3 2022
Q4 2022
Q1 2023
Q2 2023
Q3 2023
Q4 2023

Q4 2021: Rebus Chain Closes Investment Round and finalizes Coin Technology Architecture

During Q4 2021, Rebus Chain closed its investment round and formed the Swiss company. The company also finalized the coin technology architecture, began work on product design, and worked with Swiss lawyers for assets managers and SRO process. Additionally, the company continued research for marketing partners to enhance the overall ecosystem.

Q2 2022: Rebus Chain Finishes Design of Financial Products, Partners with assets managers, developers, CMO and marketing agency, Launches Website and Rebus TestNet

During Q2 2022, Rebus Chain completed the design of its financial products and established partnerships with assets managers and developers. The company also partnered with product and brand marketing developer Derek Wood and marketing agency Lunar Strategy to finish developing a brand strategy and marketing plan. We also conducted initial marketing efforts, launched the website and released the Rebus TestNet to the public.

Q4 2022: Rebus Chain Launches LBP on Osmosis Platform, Introduces LUDUS, Forms More Technology Partnerships, Enables PCD, Launches $REBUS on Multiple Exchanges, Implements Farming Tales and External Incentives, and Begins Testing for NFT-ID v1

During Q4 2022, Rebus Chain community voted to launch the LBP on the Osmosis platform, Public Coin Distribution (PCD) via LBP Rewards and Trading will be enabled on October 1st, 2022. The company also introduced LUDUS, a feature that allows Rebus users to easily access any Play-to-Earn content of the platform and gain various advantages, such as participating in early sales and drops of upcoming games. Rebus Chain also formed more technology partnerships, LBP was Funded and Rebus token is fully transferable. Rebus Chain also launched $REBUS on multiple exchanges, including MEXC, Bitmart & MyCointainer. Rebus Chain also implemented Farming Tales, which is a bridge and reward implementation towards the Rebuschain. As well as releasing Aureus token, players within the Farming tales metaverse will be able to stake and claim Rebus/Ludus/Aureus. External incentives on Osmosis were also activated and Osmosis incentives were extended. The company also began testing for NFT-ID v1 to ensure a secure, reliable, and flawless release.

Q2 2021: Rebus Chain Identifies Problem and Conceptualizes Initial High-Level Solution

During Q2 2021, Rebus Chain identified a problem and began conceptualizing its initial high-level solution. The company also conducted primary and secondary research to inform this solution and develop a strategy to address the identified problem.

Q2 2023: Strategic Partnerships and Platform Enhancements

In Q2 2023, Rebus Chain forged a crucial partnership with and successfully raised capital for Vertotrade. The team focused on enhancing the Vertotrade platform and updating the Rebus applications. A notable achievement was the launch of the NFT ID on testnet, aimed at evaluating its functionality and feasibility, setting the stage for further innovation.

Q4 2023: Advances in SRO Certification and Develops Financial Products

Q4 2023 was marked by significant progress in obtaining the SRO certification for Rebus Investment SA, including responsive dialogues and meetings with VQF to finalize the certification process. The company finalized partnerships and terms for its inaugural financial product, launched a new design for, and continued enhancements to the Rebus apps. Additionally, development commenced on Vault contracts amidst a substantial infrastructure overhaul to support chain growth and address validator issues.

Q3 2021: Rebus Chain Takes Off and Secures Investment

During Q3 2021, Rebus Chain continued to take off as the project began. Technical research for the project was started, and the initial solution proposed. A core team for the project was decided upon, and work was done on the initial version of the financials and investors package. Conversations with asset managers were also initiated. The company also finalized its investment package, set up investment companies, and began the creation process for the Swiss company. Additionally, the company received funds from investors and conducted research for marketing partners. They also shifted strategies around the base platform for the coin and began funding.

Q1 2022: Rebus Chain Defines and Starts Design of Financial Products and Blockchain Development

During Q1 2022, Rebus Chain defined and began designing financial products to expand their offerings. The company also started development on the underlying blockchain technology to support these products and ensure their security and reliability.

Q3 2022: Rebus Chain Prepares for Airdrop and Public Coin Distribution, Introduces Ethical Projects and Partners, Allocates Budget to Etheremint Development, Hosts Airdrop and Launches Mainnet

During Q3 2022, Rebus Chain began preparing for its $REBUS Airdrop and public coin distribution (PCD). The company introduced Ethical Projects, beginning with NFT-ID, and also introduced its founders, financial partners, and technology partners. As a company, Rebus Chain also decided to allocate some of its $REBUS development budget to the Etheremint development, recognizing its importance as a core project for the company's blockchain. At the end of Q3, Rebus Chain hosted an airdrop, rewarding Cosmonauts who were staking taking $ATOM, $OSMO, $EVMOS, and also rewarding the WAX community. The company also launched the Rebus Chain Mainnet, making the platform fully operational and accessible to the public.

Q3 2023: Launch of Vertotrade and Technological AdvancementsQ1 2023: Expands Offering with Vertotrade Development and Rebus Investment SRO application started

The third quarter of 2023 marked the launch of Vertotrade, featuring Swap, Liquidity, Farming, and Minting Pools via smart contracts. Development began on the NFT marketplace and Vault functionality, with a new design iteration for Vertotrade introduced. Initial discussions to create the first financial product were initiated, culminating in the launch of the TECNE token and its minting pool.

Q1 2023: Expands Offering with Vertotrade Development and Rebus Investment SRO application started

During Q1 2023, Rebus Chain broadened its platform's capabilities by initiating the development of Vertotrade and incorporating Farming Tales, enhancing the bridge and reward mechanism within Rebuschain. The company made significant strides by applying for Self-Regulatory Organization (SRO) certification, a critical step towards offering financial products to conventional investors. In tandem, development commenced on smart contracts for farming and a Liquidity Pool financial product, marking a pivotal advancement in providing diversified investment solutions to its clientele.

Q3 2024
Q1 2024
Q4 2024
Q2 2024

Q1 2024: Achieves Milestones in NFT Marketplace and SRO Certification

Rebus Chain began Q1 2024 by completing the NFT marketplace and Vault contracts development, alongside achieving the SRO certification for Rebus Investment SA. This certification facilitated the signing of contracts for the first financial product, leading to the integration with partners for its impending launch. The quarter also saw the addition of liquidity to Vertotrade and the launch of the COMM token from

Q2 2024: Launches First Financial Product and Enhances Platform Support

In Q2 2024, Rebus Chain introduced the first financial product to Vertotrade, aimed at infusing liquidity into the platform. This period also saw the launch of support for FIAT purchases across Rebus Apps and Vertotrade, along with the addition of a second blockchain to Vertotrade. A new version of the Rebus Apps was deployed, featuring an updated infrastructure to enhance cost efficiency and performance.

Q3 2024: Innovates with NFT ID Authentication and Prepares for Future Developments

Looking ahead to Q3 2024, Rebus Chain plans to implement NFT ID as a novel authentication system for, along with designing APIs for integration with external platforms. This initiative will extend NFT ID support to the EVM side of Rebuschain. Furthermore, the company will focus on developing the second financial product and engaging more Asset Managers to broaden its financial product offerings.

Q4 2024: TBD

The roadmap for Q4 2024 is currently under planning, with details to be determined based on the outcomes of ongoing projects and strategic initiatives.

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