Being built on Rebuschain


Where DeFi Innovation finds a launchpad

VertoTrade is the official Decentralized Exchange on the Rebuschain Network, offering a full suite of DeFi services and providing easy access to a diverse range of assets, from tokens to NFTs backed by real-world utilities. A DeFi AMM DEX for users to swap, pool, trade, and earn on assets seamlessly.


Empowering Identity, Reinventing Ownership

Embrace a new era of identity management with NFTID. Utilizing the power of NFT technology, NFTID offers a secure, decentralized approach to identity authentication. From confirming identities to asserting property rights, NFTID stands as an irrefutable testament of ownership powered by the security and transparency of blockchain.

Mining Architect

Sustainable Crypto Mining Through NFTs

Experience the thrill of operating your own virtual mining farm powered by real-world mining operations in Iceland. Utilize unique NFT miners to generate game tokens and swap them into real cryptocurrencies on VertoTrade. With Mining Architect, the power of mining is in your hands, and the rewards are real.

Rebuschain is the gateway for DeFi and TradFi interaction, designed to make DeFi products accessible to traditional investors. We're not just about pushing the boundaries of what's possible; we're about tearing down walls and making the complex simple.

The Rebuschain ecosystem is an interoperable launchpad, a place where innovative DeFi projects take flight. We champion the builders, the thinkers, and the doers and provide the liquidity, volume, and tools they need to create next-generation solutions.

We're empowering people and businesses to unlock the full potential of blockchain technology, offering unparalleled access to ground-breaking projects and disruptive innovations.

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