Dev Update - Rebus TestNet is LIVE!

June 3, 2022
Dev Update - Rebus TestNet is LIVE!

We are excited to announce the first launch of the Rebus Testnet, which will be made available for 3rd party testing, validation, and collaboration. Rebus Testnet is the public test network for the Rebus blockchain planned as a permanent part of our SDLC and long-term platform expansion goals. Testnet replicates the production Rebus blockchain using realistic but safe test data and assets. Testnet provides developers, Rebus Partners, the community, and the users a chance to try the chain before entrusting valuable assets.

Why is the Rebus Testnet valuable?

We believe that transparency is trust, and including such access as part of our software development life cycle (SDLC) made sense. Plus, we have a community of brilliant and helpful people, so why not? In addition, our vision includes utilizing a network of blockchain dev teams to add additional products to the Rebus Platform.

Minimizing Downtime and Avoiding Compatibility Issues

Pushing updates to production environments is always a nervous endeavor. Waiting to see if platform updates break your application is even worse. Ensuring rigorous testing through our processes in addition to 3rd parties reduces the negative impact to live applications. We know through experience that as a development partner, being involved in platform updates before release is key to avoiding unnecessary downtime, headaches, lost sleep, and upset customers. Using Testnet, the Rebus community of users and partners can do just that.

Governance, Regulation, and Compliance (GRC)

We understand that financial regulation are a main barrier of entry into DeFi for TradFi organizations, the testnet acts as a perfect intermediary between new ideas and implementation. The Rebus team has deep experience and expertise working within regulated industries, and our Testnet provides a crucial buffer space for functional and regulatory validation..

How does it work?

Eventually, it will be much like other public testing grounds you may have seen, like Osmosis. In our first release, we have access limited to a select number of Partners. Later this summer, Rebus Testnet will be announced as publicly accessible, with all necessary resources to utilize, test, and report back results to Rebus.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who can get access? How?
    • We have access limited to a select number of Rebus partners in our first release. Later this summer, the Testnet will be published and made publicly accessible.
  • How do devs communicate and report back results?
    • Once published, we will set up communication via Discord and publish means of communicating results, similar to other public testnets.
  • Is access just for testing or are there other benefits?
    • Initially, testing will be of great help to all those that believe in the Rebus Vision and, for that matter, the Cosmos ecosystem. Our long-term plans are to provide a platform for 3rd party development teams to add products involving new/other blockchains.