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January 3, 2023

What’s coming in 2023

2022 has flown by. But you know what they say — time flies by when you’re busy building. And that’s exactly what we’ve been up to.

It’s been a turbulent year for crypto, but Rebuschain still managed to grow in terms of partnerships, community, and ecosystem. We remain committed to taking DeFi mainstream because we believe real progress requires hard work and determination. We are excited to share all the great things we accomplished in 2022 and what will come in 2023.

Retrospective 2022

Rebuschain had an amazing year in 2022, and we look forward to seeing what the future holds in 2023. Before we move on to the new year, let’s take a moment to appreciate everything we’ve accomplished together.


An overview of what we’ve been building at Rebuschain

In May 2022, we introduced the products within the Rebus Platform to facilitate growth in decentralized finance (DeFi) by providing good answers to “How do I invest?” and “What can I do with those investments?”

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We successfully set up the Rebus Investment company and commenced the Self-Regulatory Organization (SRO) application process.

The Rebus Staking platform became our first direct product enabling our community to earn high APR% rewards on their $REBUS stakes.

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NFTID will be a groundbreaking innovation to enhance the utility of NFTs further. NFTID v1 successfully went through the testnet stage by some of our dedicated community members. NFTID will be a decentralized system to be used worldwide by organizations to recognize its members. Rebus Nation, our community of die-hard fans, will be the first organization based on the NFTIDs.

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Ecosystem & Partnerships

We welcomed some great companies and platform partners into our ecosystem, including Farming Tales, Mining Architect, and Smart Labs, all eager to utilize the Rebuschain technology, leading to us capitalizing on different sectors of the blockchain ecosystem through $LUDUS.

Partnership with Farming Tales to connect the agricultural world with the blockchain through NFT and Metaverse integration.

Partnership with Mining Architect brings to Rebuschain new and innovative assets from a completely different ecosystem, leveraging the power of green mining.

Partnership with Mycointainer to launch $Rebus cold staking on their node.

Partnerships with Gold Grain Capital, Medigest, and StudioPhi open up more opportunities for strong ties with the TradFi world.

Updates to the Rebuschain Ecosystem in 2023

  • Mycointainer has recently launched its validator, and in the near future, Rebus will be fully integrated into its services, including staking and exchange.
  • The Osmosis incentives have been extended for an additional 45 days.
  • We plan to host a community event featuring a quiz about Rebuschain, similar to events we have held in the past.
  • NFTID is currently being tested and is a key component for accessing other services. To activate certain features, users will need to lock $REBUS in their NFTID. Once testing is complete, we will begin testing Verto DEX with the community. We are also working on integrating the NFTID with the metaverse and Farming Tales tokens, as well as starting the integration of an NFT marketplace. These components are essential for the success of other projects, so we are making progress on them.

What’s Coming in 2023

In Q1 2023

NFTID goes live, along with Rebus Nation, our community of die-hard fans.

We acquire our SRO certification, and financial product staking goes live for traditional investors.

We start developing our first Liquidity Pool financial product

NFT Marketplace goes live

In Q2 2023

NFT and Liquidity Pool financial products go live

We start developing our Stablecoin product

In Q3 2023

Stablecoin product goes live

NFT drops, and the token gating platform goes live

Additional Products offerings and partnerships to be announced!

What are you looking forward to? What will be helpful to you and the Rebus ecosystem?

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