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September 21, 2022

The Rebus Platform

As the Rebus community begins to grow, we’ve seen some recurring questions come up, which we thought best to provide some insight on:

  • How is a decentralized blockchain regulated?
  • How can a decentralized blockchain work with asset managers?
  • How does a regulated Swiss entity sell DeFi products to asset managers?

To answer these questions, it’s important to understand the corporate structure of the Rebus Platform. Just like its logo, the Rebus Platform is divided into two parts; TradFi and Defi.

The top circle represents the TradFi environment, and the bottom represents the DeFi environment. The intersection between the two is the solution applied by the Rebus Platform to connect the two domains. So how does it work from a corporate standpoint?

The Rebus platform is composed of two legal entities. The first is Rebus Investments SA, a Swiss company currently working through its SRO certification to become a regulated financial company that can work directly with banks, asset managers, and insurance companies by selling investment products.

Secondly, we have Rebuschain LTD, in charge of developing and maintaining the blockchain, and the Rebus Vault, the technology that will encapsulate all our DeFi products. The blockchain development has been sponsored by Code Particle Inc, a seasoned US-based software design and development company.

Within Rebus Investments SA, we have a team of financial experts with multiple years of experience in the sector, helping the company get the SRO certification and design the financial product. In collaboration with Code Particle, it’s also creating all the software needed for integration with TradFi institutions and Rebuschain.

Rebus Investments has purchased $REBUS from Rebuschain to have it at their disposal to invest in the future DeFi products that the team will develop.

Rebuschain will also collaborate with Code Particle to develop the blockchain and Rebus Vault while leveraging the DeFi development community and Cosmos ecosystem.

The two entities have a working contract that allows them to interact without stepping into the other company’s duties. The agreement is not exclusive, meaning that the two companies will initially create the Rebus Platform so that they can sell DeFi products to the TradFi sector. In a second phase, other DeFi projects will be able to leverage the same infrastructure by integrating with the TradFi arm of the Rebus Platform. TradFi organizations will also be able to use the Rebus Vault directly by integrating with the DeFi arm of the Rebus platform.

Although it may sound complex, this is what true TradFi to DeFi integration looks like. With hands in both TradFi and DeFi baskets through Rebus Investments SA and Rebuschain LTD, we can understand and work with both sectors simultaneously, bringing innovation to either community. A strong relationship is therefore formed between the two sectors, with the Rebus Team at the core and the Rebus Vault at the heart of the operation.

-The Rebus Team

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