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May 19, 2023

Rebuschain Ecosystem Tokens: Expanding Use Cases and Enhancing Value

Diving into the Rebuschain ecosystem, one encounters a meticulously designed ecosystem of tokens, each serving a unique and essential role and representing a testament to the team’s dedication to creating meaningful token utility.

This commitment is central to our mission of bridging the gap between TradFi and DeFi, offering diverse user interests a vibrant platform to engage with. All ecosystem tokens are set to be traded on VertoTrade, the official Rebuschain Decentralized Exchange.

This update peels back the curtain to reveal the expanding use cases and enhanced value of these tokens, underlining our commitment to an ecosystem that is not just interconnected but purposefully constructed for the benefit of all token holders.


The REBUS token serves as the native token for the Rebuschain Network, offering a wide range of use cases within the ecosystem. With a total supply of 1,000,000,000 (one billion) tokens, REBUS functions as the primary on-chain governance token, empowering holders to actively participate in key decisions that will see us bridge TradFi and DeFi.

As a launchpad ecosystem for various DeFi and TradFi products, Rebuschain relies on the native REBUS token to power its diverse offerings. Holding REBUS grants access to all the products built on Rebuschain, including those related to NFTs (NFTID), DeFi, and financial services.

The recent launch of VertoTrade has introduced a new utility for the REBUS token, as the only ways to acquire VERTO are to lock or burn REBUS tokens. This dynamic will continue as more products join the ecosystem, making REBUS inherently deflationary and driving increased demand.

How To Buy or Earn REBUS

Currently, there are different ways to get more REBUS:

  • Buy from exchanges
  • Stake REBUS on our staking platform to earn more.
  • Engage in cold staking with partners like MyCointainer.
  • Stake REBUS in the Rebus Building located within the Farming Tale metaverse for additional rewards.

By offering various staking options, we cater to the diverse preferences of our community members and aim to enhance their overall experience within the Rebuschain ecosystem.


VERTO is the token fueling the VertoTrade ecosystem. As an ERC-20 token created on the EVM side of Rebuschain, it has a total supply of 600 million tokens.

VertoTrade, a launch platform for a variety of projects ranging from NFTs to tokens backed by real-world utilities, plays a crucial role in bringing DeFi mainstream. VERTO serves as the utility token on the platform and is exclusively used to mint other tokens.

How To Earn VERTO

Currently, users can earn VERTO by locking REBUS in either the regular staking pool or the xVERTO boosted pool. Regular staking involves a 3% REBUS burn to mint VERTO, while the boosted pool requires a 99% REBUS burn.

Furthermore, VERTO will be used for minting tokens like AUREUS and LUDUS in their respective pools.


Rebuschain enters the growing play-to-earn gaming market with LUDUS, a specialized token for upcoming Play-to-Earn communities and projects. LUDUS grants Rebuschain and VertoTrade users access to the platform’s Play-to-Earn content and offers perks like early access to sales and drops.

With a limited supply of 21,000 LUDUS and numerous use cases, LUDUS aims to generate a robust token economy and attract diverse users.

10,000 LUDUS was airdropped to the wax community

2,000 LUDUS has been allocated to the Farming Tale project, the first Play-to-Earn initiative on Rebuschain. This supply will be minted for Farming Tales players to access.

2250 LUDUS will be allocated to the VERTO/LUDUS minting pool during the first year, and for subsequent years, the number of LUDUS tokens that will be available for minting will be halved each year (i.e. 1125 LUDUS for year 2, 562.6 LUDUS for year 3, etc) for 6 years.

Ecosystem Tokens for Projects on Rebuschain

All tokens associated with projects that are incubated or partnering with Rebus will be tradeable on VertoTrade. Projects.


AUREUS is the platform token for the Farming Tales ecosystem, with a total supply of 21M tokens. It serves as the primary currency for transactions and payments within the Farming Tales metaverse.

2.1M AUREUS tokens have been designated for the Rebuschain ecosystem, currently rewarding the VERTO/AUREUS pool.

600,000 AUREUS will be available for minting during the first year, and for subsequent years, the number of AUREUS tokens that will be available for minting will be halved each year (i.e. 300,000 AUREUS for year 2, 150,000 AUREUS for year 3, etc) for a period of 6 years.

As new projects and tokens join the Rebuschain ecosystem, VERTO will be needed to mint these tokens, while REBUS will be burnt or staked to acquire VERTO.

By exploring these expanding use cases and their increased value, we underscore our pledge to a purposeful and interconnected ecosystem that benefits all token holders. In the dynamic world of DeFi and TradFi, the future is bright for the Rebuschain community. We look forward to continuing to evolve and grow together, creating a more robust and inclusive financial ecosystem.

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