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April 19, 2023

Rebus Quarterly Update — Q1 2023

This is the first edition of the Rebus Quarterly Update, the successor to the Rebus Monthly Update. As we wrap up the first quarter of 2023, we are excited to share some key highlights, updates, and milestones we have achieved together.

Our theme for this quarter has been BUILD. Regardless of market fluctuations, the Rebus team has been consistently focused on building. This quarter has been marked by significant progress on our upcoming products, NFTID and VertoDex, accompanied by numerous other developments, including partnerships, platform enhancements, and more.

Before we delve into our future aspirations, let’s recap a few remarkable events that unfolded in the first quarter of 2023:



We kicked off the quarter by launching a successful testnet for our NFTID.

NFTID is fully functional and currently awaiting deployment. The creation of Rebus Nation, the first NFTID use case will also follow this.


There was an initial delay in the development of VertoTrade due to a change in plans with our previous partners.

VertoTrade has successfully gone through the testnet stage and is live.

New Roadmap and Design

As our project continues to grow and evolve, it’s essential that we keep our community up-to-date and informed with our plans and developments. To that end, we recently updated our roadmap to reflect Rebus’s numerous advancements and changes.

2023 will be a game-changing year for Rebus and the crypto space, and we are glad to share our updated roadmap

Community Activities

This quarter, we organized some community activities, including AMAs, quizzes, and contests, to foster engagement and knowledge sharing among our members. We are grateful for the community’s active participation and feedback.

Rebus Quiz

In January, we had the Rebus Quiz, which assessed participants’ knowledge of the Rebuschain ecosystem. Winners were given the opportunity to select from a prize pool that included $REBUS, $AUREUS, or $VERTO tokens.

Design Contest

As we approached the release of new features on Rebus and the need to support additional functionality for projects that sought integration with Rebuschain, we involved the community in helping us design the new look for three different tools:

  • Rebuschain Application
  • EVM Explorer
  • Cosmos Explorer

Each proposal had to be submitted with a cost and time estimate for implementing the full design.

A total of 18K $REBUS was set aside to reward the top three designs, while the best design gets awarded the actual design job.

  • 🥇9K $Rebus
  • 🥈6K $Rebus
  • 🥉3K $Rebus

After a thorough review of the submitted designs, we concluded that the results did not meet our expectations. While we value and respect the effort put forth by all participants, we have decided to pursue a different direction in order to achieve the desired outcome for our project.

Also, payments have been sent out to the contest winners.

We want to assure everyone that the contest winners will still receive their deserved prizes, as we believe in honoring our commitments and rewarding the time and energy invested by our community members.

Moving forward, we will explore alternative strategies to ensure that our design goals are met. We encourage you to stay connected and continue contributing to our community, as your input remains invaluable to us.


Hot and cold staking options were enabled for $REBUS stakers on MyCointainer

$REBUS balances and positions can now be displayed and tracked on Pulsar Finance DeFi dashboard.

$REBUS was listed on P2B with REBUS/USDT pair on P2B Crypto Exchange

We started Rebus Division, an exclusive group comprised of community members with one mutual goal to help Rebuschain grow.


Rebuschain x

We’re excited to share that Rebuschain has partnered with to develop cutting-edge DeFi and TradFi solutions on our platform and VertoTrade decentralized exchange.

As part of the partnership, Rebuschain will become a validator node of Commercio and leverage its technology to implement KYC and notarization processes required in the TradFi sector. In turn, Commercio, an eIDAS-compliant blockchain, will become a Rebuschain validator and benefit from our DeFi products, such as, NFTID, and Rebus Vault.

Our collaboration aims to foster information exchange and drive innovation in the DeFi and TradFi space, with the Commercio blockchain serving as a support infrastructure for exchanging legally binding documents.

This partnership is a significant step towards bridging DeFi and TradFi and advancing our mission to bring DeFi to the mainstream. We’re excited to share further updates as we continue to work together to create innovative solutions.

Path Forward

As we move into the next quarter, we focus on delivering innovative solutions and strengthening our position in the DeFi and TradFi sectors. With the launch of VertoTrade, we are eager to expand our product offerings and drive increased adoption of our platform.

Post VertoTrade Launch

Following the successful launch of VertoTrade, our team will actively seek partnerships with top projects in the industry. Collaborations that will enable us to bridge the gap between DeFi and TradFi, ensuring seamless integration and increased accessibility for users across the spectrum.

In addition, we will soon launch our NFT marketplace on VertoTrade. This will provide users with a robust platform to trade and explore unique digital assets, further expanding our offerings and catering to the growing interest in NFTs. Mining Architect will also be launching on VertoTrade. More details will be released soon.

We will continue exploring new opportunities and use cases. This includes developing solutions that cater to the unique requirements of each sector while fostering a more inclusive financial ecosystem.

Platform Upgrades

To provide our users with an improved experience, we will continue to upgrade and optimize existing features. Our goal is to create a user-friendly and secure environment that caters to both DeFi and TradFi users.

Education and Community Growth

Recognizing the importance of a strong and informed community, we will continue to prioritize education and engagement initiatives. This includes organizing AMAs, quizzes, contests, and other events to foster knowledge sharing and discussion around key industry topics.

The Rebus team remains committed to driving innovation and growth in the DeFi and TradFi spaces. We are grateful for the ongoing support and contributions of our community members and look forward to achieving new milestones together in the coming months. Stay connected with us through our social channels, and keep an eye out for exciting updates and developments.

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