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December 3, 2022

Rebus Monthly Community Update

Rebus has had an ecstatic 2022. We are truly humbled by the tremendous support from Cosmos and the wider crypto community. This has led to a successful launch and allowed us to hit some serious milestones in under 6 months since inception.

The team is working relentlessly to add new products (some of which we’ve already hinted to the community), create strong partnerships in the traditional and crypto space, and fix existing issues to offer our community one of the best DeFi experiences on Cosmos.

We want to highlight our laid-out plans for the upcoming few weeks.

Development updates

NFTID v1 Testnet

We are in the final stages of developing NFTID v1.

Next week, we will be releasing the NFTID upgrade on Testnet. Consequently, we will upgrade Ethermint and revert to the standard IBC version since we don’t need the temporary one we used during the LBP. We’ll also make some changes to the Airdrop rules based on the agreement with the community on Telegram and Discord.

Partnership Updates

Rebus x Mining Architect

Rebus was proud to welcome Mining Architect as a platform partner in November with their upcoming mining game launching on the Rebuschain. We’ll be strengthening our partnership in the near future.

Verto Trade: Rebuschain x NODO42 x Inuk Studios x Dexpad

We are excited to announce the partnership between Rebuschain, NODO42, Inuk Studios and Dexpad to launch Verto Trade.

Verto is a decentralized exchange on Rebuschain.

  • NODO42 (Farming Tales) and Inuk Studios (Mining Architect) will bring the P2E and Metaverse trading into Verto.
  • Rebuschain will provide TradFi investments into Verto and supply the blockchain technology.
  • Dexpad will manage and run the DEX.

All Rebus partners’ tokens will be available for trading on the Verto Dex platform. Verto will have its token, which we will organize a presale for (More Details soon). There will be staking pools where users can stake their $REBUS and earn $VERTO and other coins such as $LUDUS and $AUREUS.

The idea is to bring the worlds of Play2Earn, Metaverse, and TradFi under a single DeFi space.

MyContainer Integration

Providing a safe and stable Network is of utmost importance to the Rebus team. That’s why we have chosen to integrate with MyCointainer, a Fireblocks licensed Partner that provides more security via Sumsub KYC, 2FA, and Biometry.

MyCointainer is a staking platform with exchange features and a mobile app, and this partnership will enable us to bring in more $REBUS stakers and add new trading pairs for $REBUS. More details on this soon.

Help with Testnet

Next week, we will make NFTID v1, upgrades, and Verto Dex available for testing. As usual, we encourage our super community to get involved and test each feature so we can release it to Mainnet soon.

Community AMA

An AMA session will be scheduled for December 6, 2022, at 17:00 UTC, where the Rebus team will touch base with the community to provide more information on these updates.

We know how important it is to communicate openly and understand our community. This is why we’ll host regular AMA sessions with the community. Also, you can always find core team members on the official Telegram and Discord who can talk to you, take your suggestions, and answer your questions.

That’s it for now! We highly encourage everyone to follow our various social channels for updates and upcoming teasers on what’s to come for Rebuschain.

— The Rebus Team

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