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July 28, 2022

Partner Spotlight: GWA Investments and EarNext

This spotlight is shared across two organizations under CEO and Financial Innovator Renzo Moretti. Global Wealth Advisory (GWA) offers bespoke financial planning services to investors with complex assets and long-term goals to maintain the generational wealth of which they are in charge. EarNext is a financial planning platform aimed to democratize valuable financial planning for all people. Currently, the main users of the platform are CPAs and asset managers hired by end users with assets totaling >500k+ EUR and without the complexities of those served by GWA. Despite the differing audience, at their core is a shared spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship. The ultimate goal of each business is to keep its clients on the leading edge of long-term growth opportunities in the financial market. Founder and CEO Renzo Moretti explains how he sees the financial markets evolving and why a partnership with Rebus enables both businesses to stay on the leading edge of financial innovation.

Q: Tell us about your business. What value(s) do you deliver? Questions you answer?

A: GWA is a family office launched with some partners and additional investors. Our goal was to fill a gap in financial planning services for wealthy individuals and families. These plans can be quite complex as the asset classes involved vary widely and under various jurisdictions. We offer innovative and custom financial planning services for customers that want to know that their family wealth will continue to grow and be safe for future generations.

Additionally, we identified an even larger financial planning gap when it comes to upper-middle and lower-upper class investors. So, we built a platform via EarNext for personalized financial planning for these types of clients. The intent of our platform is to scale planning expertise for families with assets totaling more than 500K EUR, as these investors have even fewer options than those with 10M+ EUR. Typically, our platform is used by CPAs and advisors working with these types of clients. Eventually, the planning platform will be made available to the investors themselves, to truly democratize financial planning, supporting many more households.

Q: How do you position yourself in the market?

A: We are innovators and want to be seen as innovators in financial planning. Here in Europe, financial planning services are not as common as in the United States. It is a rather new market. Most financial advisement would be from foreign banks and organizations. The services available today can be quite costly and still don’t provide the customization of services that we can offer, let alone the ability to provide investment opportunities in truly innovative and lucrative spaces.

Q: Who are your typical clients? Why do they come to you?

A: For GWA, we work with families managing generational wealth, which means a multi-generational approach to estate planning, nothing short-term. The complexity and variance of involved asset classes for these types of clients require bespoke plans and attention.

On the other hand, with EarNext, our platform scales down to professionals that have found success and have assets totally 500k+ EUR and need financial planning services. The platform is designed for use by the client’s CPA or financial advisor but is accessible for more financially savvy clients as well. These clients may not have the complexity of assets as our GWA clients, but they all share a keen interest in having a part of their portfolio focused on innovation–the appetite for calculated risk is high.

In both cases, investors come to us because they believe in investing in innovative markets as a core component of their long-term financial strategy. They trust us to do the work in identifying and evaluating such opportunities. Most importantly, we believe that everyone should have access to this type of financial planning.

Q: When did you first start looking at blockchain-based tech and why?

A: Being in the financial sector, we’ve been across blockchain and cryptocurrencies from the very beginning. Naturally, our clients pay us to stay on top of opportunities in the financial world, so that means we must be on top of this. The advantages of blockchain for secure transactions were obvious from the start. It seems the market has evolved and matured to a point where we are beginning to see some very interesting and real use cases, not just for cryptocurrencies, but for other instruments, like lending.

Q: What is your vision of where the crypto/DeFi market is going?

A: We see it as the future. By “it,” I mean blockchain. Blockchain provides trust that is critical for any transaction, especially in finance. Today, our clients are looking to invest in crypto, but not on their own and not just cryptocurrencies–instruments for lending and other ways to leverage financial assets. They rely upon our expertise to help guide them through their financial planning. The recent crypto ETFs on the market were very successful, and that success attracted more traditional investors into this market. So, the timing of Rebus is very good for us and our clients as the market is still early and the interest and comfort of traditional investors are growing.

It’s difficult to provide any sort of timeframe around adoption. But in my opinion, we were mostly digital in our use of currency from a central bank standpoint already–it’s so hard to move large amounts of money internationally. Everyone has trouble doing this securely and it’s expensive. The central banks responsible for this financial movement are interesting because they have a lot of power that is sometimes contradictory. In some ways, they are accelerating the adoption of DeFi, and in many other ways, they are preventing the adoption. So for us, it’s just a matter of time. The only people that lose by using blockchain technology for transactions are those that benefit from the imperfections and transparency imbalances that exist in current processes.

We see blockchain technology replacing a lot of “middlemen” since trust and visibility into transactions become clear to all sides. There is no avoiding or preventing this change, perhaps delays, but this will happen. We will have blockchain-based transactions in all parts of our lives. And, it’s important to acknowledge the generational shift happening. The new generations have been born into digital assets and this makes sense to them and they are more than ready to adopt such systems, they’re making the push.

Q: What do your clients say about DeFi/crypto?

A: Their detailed knowledge is quite limited, but they know they want to enter the market and the interest is growing daily. Especially with inflation as it is, our clients want to secure their wealth for the long term. They don’t understand the technology enough to make investments on their own but know enough to find financial planners, like us, to guide them.

Q: How did you first come across Rebus?

A: Over the years, I came to know Paolo and he spoke to me about this project and I was immediately interested because the problems Rebus solves are the problems we are blocked by. We’ve known that we must provide financial planning for this new asset class, and this platform makes it much easier. We have clients that are definitely early adopters and are waiting for launch, they’ve been ready.

Q: What about Rebus made you commit to a partnership? How do you evaluate such a relationship?

A: It wasn’t a complicated decision, it was clear from the start. We are innovators. Rebus is doing something no one else has done, and we believe it will be successful. I believe it because I’m seeing the demand first-hand from our clients. This opportunity to be among the first set of partners with Rebus is exactly our business model, to bring innovative opportunities to our clients. We look for novel innovations that add real value and utility to the market. Crypto is full of short-term projects but those are not of interest to us or our clients. We and our customers are both very excited about what Rebus is doing.

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