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March 24, 2023

Partner Feature: Rebus x Farming Tales — Create Your First Farm on Blockchain

Games on the blockchain are diverse, covering many themes such as futuristic cyberpunk worlds or RPGs reminiscent of League of Legends. The realm of crypto gaming also features farm games on the blockchain. Many of us have played farming simulation games like Hay Day and Farmville, which boast dedicated fan bases due to their calming and leisurely nature.

Realizing the potential of merging the rapidly growing blockchain technology with one of the world’s most well-established sectors, Farming Tales set out to become the standard for all farm simulation games, borne out of the idea of integrating real-world farms within blockchain using NFTs.

Farming Tales is one of our platform partners and a project that runs on the Wax blockchain. An NFT-based play-to-earn game where players can acquire, grow, and improve their own farms using NFTs representing various assets.

Set in the rural metaverse of New Waxchester County, players can sell their farm products or provide them to local shops for transformation into high-quality goods that fetch a higher price.

Farm, sell & earn on Farming Tales like in the real world.

In Farming Tales, players manage their own farms, engaging in various agricultural activities like growing crops, milking cows, and harvesting seeds.

NFTs allow users to own real-world assets from real-life farms, such as hives or land parcels. These assets generate products for their owners, which are represented as NFTs. Players can choose to have these products delivered to their homes or trade them as NFTs for others to redeem.

Farming Tales own three real-life farms: two in Italy producing honey and saffron and one in Tenerife cultivating hemp. The game aims to expand its network by partnering with more small-scale, high-quality farmers globally, effectively creating a new direct-to-consumer sales channel for these producers.

Additionally, New Waxchester will be the main town within the world of Farming Tales, and the buildings in New Waxchester will be able to receive the products collected on the farms, transforming them into products of better quality that can be resold at a higher price. Shop owners can establish a tax on the processing of raw materials players produce. Buildings in New Waxchester will be limited.

Farming Tales Ecosystem Tokens

In the Farming Tales metaverse, $SEST is the primary token for managing activities such as buying and selling products, acquiring animals or plants, and upgrading assets in New Waxchester. Players can earn $SEST by selling raw farm products or upgrading them.

$CBIT, the secondary token, is used to purchase commodities and access various benefits, including water, food, and gasoline. Players receive daily $CBIT allocations based on the amount of $SEST they stake within Farming Tales.

$AUREUS, a limited-supply token for New Waxchester, can be obtained by staking $CBIT and $SEST at the New Waxchester Bank.

Into the Metaverse: Rebus x Farming Tales

Alongside the Bank, production building, and Town Hall, the Rebus building will also be available in New Waxchester.

Farming Tales is achieving its goal of interoperability by partnering with Rebus. This collaboration enables Farming Tales to leverage the highly interconnected Cosmos ecosystem.

With the launch of VertoDex, $AUREUS, the Farming Tales token used for New Waxchester, will be available for trading. Users will also earn $AUREUS and $LUDUS, our exclusive token dedicated to upcoming Play-to-Earn communities and projects launching on the Rebus chain.

Learn more about Rebus

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