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May 9, 2023

Mining Architect: Reinventing Cryptocurrency Mining with NFTs and Gaming

Cryptocurrency mining has long been an exclusive and energy-intensive activity, often out of reach for everyday individuals. The traditional mining landscape is plagued with issues like high hardware costs, environmental concerns, and centralized control.

Enter Mining Architect, an innovative solution that combines NFTs, gaming, and real-world mining to revolutionize the way people mine cryptocurrencies.

What is Mining Architect?

Mining Architect is the first Social Mining Game project based on NFTs to mine virtual tokens, which can be swapped for real cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. At the heart of the project is a real-world mining farm located in Iceland, where Mining Architect uses actual hardware to mine cryptocurrencies.

The project aims to make cryptocurrency mining accessible, fun, and environmentally friendly by creating a virtual gaming environment where players can build and expand their mining farms, enhance their hardware, and personalize their gaming experience.

The Vision and Values of Mining Architect

Mining Architect was born from the team’s desire to create a project where NFTs can have real utility, supported by the existence of real miners in the real world. Mining Architect operates under three core values:

Redistribute Wealth: By providing an accessible and engaging platform for cryptocurrency mining, Mining Architect aims to empower everyone, regardless of their financial means, to operate their own mining farm and benefit from the wealth generated by cryptocurrencies.

Be Green: Mining Architect is committed to sustainable mining practices by carefully selecting the right locations and methods to minimize the environmental impact of mining activities.

Work Together: The project emphasizes the importance of community and collaboration in mining operations, allowing players to share the costs and risks associated with running a mining farm.

How Mining Architect Works

The Mining Architect ecosystem is built around game mechanics that involve NFT miners, VIP passes, Hard Disk Drives (HDDs), decorations, and helpers.

Read more: How Mining Architect Works.

Players use NFT miners to mine different tokens, which can be swapped for cryptocurrencies or used to upgrade their virtual farms.

VIP passes grant early access to sales and discounts, while HDDs allow players to accumulate rewards without frequent claims. Decorations are customizable elements that can enhance the gaming environment and generate small amounts of tokens. Helpers simplify the process by allowing players to claim all their miners in a single action.

Different types of miners, such as ARCTH, ARBTC, REBUS, and LUDUS miners, serve various functions within the game, producing tokens that can be used for different purposes.

The Archithash System

Archithash is a unique unit of power used to measure the performance of Mining Architect’s NFT miners. It is designed to represent the capacity to produce one specific unit of a given cryptocurrency in 24 hours.

The mining and redeem process in Mining Architect is structured to provide players with multiple options for using their mined tokens. They can upgrade their hardware, trade on Rebuschain, or swap the tokens for reference coins and withdraw them to an external wallet.

Mining Architect’s tokenomics are centered around deflationary principles, with tokens being burned when converted or used in-game. This approach ensures the scarcity of game tokens and drives value for players and the wider cryptocurrency community.


ARCTH is the primary token within the Mining Architect ecosystem. It serves as the main currency for the game and can be used to progress within the platform, purchase components and decorations, and even buy real hardware under certain market conditions. The maximum supply of ARCTH is capped at 1,735,850 tokens, with distribution taking place over the course of 10 years. ARCTH earned from sales are removed from the market and burned, contributing to the token’s deflationary nature.

ARBTC is a token linked to Bitcoin (BTC) within the Mining Architect platform. Users can mine ARBTC through the ownership of ARBTC miners, and the token can be swapped for real BTC thanks to the liquidity injected by Mining Architect.

REBUS & LUDUS are also available in the mining architect ecosystem. Users can mine ARBUS with their REBUS Miners, which can be swapped to REBUS.

LUDUS tokens can be mined within the Mining Architect platform, allowing users to participate in the Rebuschain ecosystem and its offerings. A total of 2,100 LUDUS will be made available to the Mining Architect ecosystem.

Rebuschain x Mining Architect: A Strategic Partnership

Mining Architect is set to become the latest platform partner to be integrated into the Rebuschain ecosystem. In this collaboration, NFTs will soon be tradable on the VertoTrade platform, and our tokens will be made available for mining within the Mining Architect ecosystem.

Both Rebuschain and Mining Architect share a common goal of creating efficient and sustainable ecosystems, and this partnership aligns with our mutual objectives.

Through this strategic partnership, users of both platforms will benefit from expanded opportunities and enhanced experiences in the world of blockchain, NFTs, and cryptocurrency mining.

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