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November 17, 2022

Mining Architect Completes Partnership with Rebuschain

We are pleased to announce a new platform partnership with Mining Architect, a partnership that will offer efficiencies and unique synergies for both Mining Architect and Rebus to accelerate growth.

Mining Architect is a social mining game project based on NFTs, the very first of its kind, and they share our goal of connecting the physical world to blockchain. Mining Architect NFTs represent portions of their real farm’s hardware located in Iceland and generate a token in real-time based on the amount of coins actually mined. Here is how it works:

Mining The Future: Green NFTs

Mining Architect owns a mining farm in Iceland, a country where 99% of energy produced comes from renewable sources. The mining farm is shared by the users of the project through the ownership of NFTs. NFT users receive a token that matches the one produced by their hardware (Virtual farms), and tokens produced are:

  • Tokens linked directly to a real cryptocurrency
  • The project token ($ARCHT), which can be used to expand your virtual farm
  • Token from other partners (such as $REBUS)

Users also have access to two types of VIP passes, which grant different privileges:

  • VIP Silver Pass: grants its owner early access to Mining Architect sales;
  • VIP Golden Pass grants its owner early access to Mining Architect sales, discounts, and other benefits.

Each NFT will indicate how often (fixed intervals) rewards need to be claimed before a new production is resumed.

Tokens mined by users can be used in different ways:

  • To upgrade your hardware
  • Trade on the Rebus ecosystem as erc20 and Cosmos ecosystem as IBC assets.
  • Use to participate in Staking or LP with $REBUS or $LUDUS
  • Swap into the reference coin (BTC initially and others later on) and withdraw to your external wallet.

Mining Architect was born from the team’s desire to create a project where NFTs can have real utility, hence, it’s supported by the existence of real miners in the real world.

Due to the sharp rise in prices for the necessary hardware, mining has become an exclusive activity, no longer within everyone’s reach. Mining Architect’s social mining model aims to give everyone the opportunity to carry out this, according to their possibilities, using a funny and friendly game environment.

REBUS x Mining Architect

Presently operating on the WAX blockchain network due to the low fees and carbon footprint, Mining Architect has decided to go multichain and has recognized Rebus as a worthy network partner to base their operation on.

“We firmly believe that this partnership can bring a lot of value to Mining Architect and that, in turn, Mining Architect can help create a healthy and ethical Play-2-Earn environment for the entire platform, where player investments can be represented by something tangible and with real value.”

says Nicolò Vergani, CEO & Project Manager of Mining Architect.

Mining Architect — Gameplay preview

Providing further details on this announcement, Pier Stabilini, Co-founder and CTO of Rebuschain, said,

The partnership with the Mining Architect means bringing to Rebuschain and the Cosmos appchains, new and innovative assets from a completely different ecosystem, leveraging the power of green mining.”

The collaboration also opens up Mining Architect to our network of Partners and their clients.

Learn more about Mining Architect:

Learn more about Rebus

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