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October 28, 2022


At Rebus, we’re constantly thinking about how we can further increase TradFi to DeFi adoption to benefit not only $REBUS holders but also the ecosystem as a whole. The main component bringing many into Web2 in the first place is gaming, a revolution that started back in the 80’. Since then, it has expanded into a multi-billion dollar industry, and with the rise of play-to-earn crypto gaming, it’s moved into Web3 as well.

Introducing LUDUS

Rebus intends to capitalize on this emerging market through LUDUS, the new and exclusive token dedicated to Rebus’s upcoming Play-to-Earn community and projects launching on the Rebus chain.

Through the LUDUS token, Rebus users can easily access any Play-to-Earn content of the platform and gain various advantages, such as participating in early sales and drops of upcoming games.

Furthermore, LUDUS will act as the platform’s governance token, enabling holders to vote on several aspects of the platform, such as the whitelist system for Play-to-Earn protocols within the platform. This will ensure that only the most credible protocols are listed on the platform, ensuring their quality and reputation.

LUDUS has a limited supply (21,000 LUDUS) and a potentially unlimited amount of use cases, generating a healthy token economy and giving it an almost intrinsic value. Due to its low supply, each token will be divisible to 6 decimal places, similar to ATOM, ensuring there’s enough to encapsulate the demand we expect.

So why LUDUS?

LUDUS offers our platform the unique ability to create a verification protocol consisting of three distinct layers:

  • First level: community voting through LUDUS;
  • Second level: approval of the validators;
  • Third Level: approval of Rebus itself.

Ultimately, we expect LUDUS to add another dimension to the Rebus platform across from our more traditional finance products, attracting a more diverse crowd to Rebus. We will release more updates regarding LUDUS and our Play-to-Earn partners in the coming weeks and months, so stay tuned! Below are some images from the integration with Farming Tales, the first game to launch on Rebus and use LUDUS.

To ensure you don’t miss a thing, follow us on Twitter or join our active Discord. You can also hedge your bets on LUDUS by buying $REBUS here. We can’t wait to share more details with you.

— The Rebus Team

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