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October 11, 2022

LBP 813 Proposal Details

At Rebus, we care about our community, and after evaluating the requests about LBP 813, we would like you to vote on the proposal to allow the pool’s funding. If the community reaches favorable unanimity on this decision, we will return to our decision and fund the pool.

The funding of the pool will work as follows:

  • At T0, the team will fund the pool with 80,000 REBUS and 50,000 OSMO. So the swap price will be 0.625
  • The duration of the pool’s funding will be 48 hours
  • Every three hours, the pool will be funded on one side at a random time(s) with the following:

— 12,500 Rebus

— Plus, 180% of the net amount of Rebus swapped in the previous three hours.

Below is a sample graphical representation of the pool scenario:

We will start the pool as soon as the quorum is reached and the majority of the voting power (51%) is favorable to the proposal and not wait for the 72hrs to pass.

Once the pool has started, we will also make another proposal to enable IBC transfers. IBC transfer will be enabled once the second proposal passes in 72 hrs.

If you are interested in participating in the pool, please vote and share the proposal.

We’d like to say thank you to an Osmosis community member, @rychardem for helping us with the proposal for the liquidity pool.

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