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July 20, 2022

Hope for the Crypto-Curious

How platforms like Rebus protect investors from meme projects

Are you, or one of your loved ones, crypto-curious? You know what we mean. The folks that say, “I thought about investing in crypto but…” never did due to a healthy scepticism of an unproven tech, among other reasons. Now, 13 years after the launch of Bitcoin, they kick themselves a bit for not starting sooner, but are still not invested. Many are familiar with specific coins, projects, and even watched a few lectures or read ‘The Bitcoin Standard’ and decided that “yes, cryptocurrencies are volatile but not going anywhere.” But, when it comes to investing, they always seem to get stuck. There are simply too many moving parts. The crypto-curious represent the majority of the total addressable market (TAM). As innovators and investors will put it, this group is the key demographic to ‘crossing the chasm’ into crypto’s early majority adoption phase. Their adoption will change the face of finance and dictate the coexistence of DeFi and TradFi. So, what hope do we and the crypto-curious have in the middle of such global economic hardships with some of the largest crypto projects and investment firms simultaneously imploding? Where in the crypto-market should they put their money, and what will make them move after more than ten years of second-guessing?

So, if they get it, why aren’t the crypto-curious invested already?

Time. These people are well educated, gainfully employed, and have their financial management plan, relationships, and workflows set. Currently, crypto investing does not support any traditional workflows. However, the crypto-curious also have a natural tendency to explore new opportunities. They are not usually the first in as with innovators and early minority adopters, but are still ahead of the curve. The friction truly comes from the fact that nearly all of their investments are made through one relationship, one place to see and manage their financial future. In many instances, changes to their managed portfolios are suggestions from their asset manager or financial planner, and approved based upon understanding a risk-reward profile that matches their financial goals and the trust they have in the relationship. But, if their curiosity is piqued and they need advice, they consult their trusted resource, backed by a team of professionals paid to analyze various markets and investments. They are perfectly capable of learning and doing all the steps to find a wallet, pick and connect to an exchange, research viable projects, and go through the steps to buy and sell crypto themselves. But therein lies the rub. The sheer fact that they must spend that time prevents any movement into crypto. Why would they, as successful professionals, devote such time investing in a volatile market when they can spend no time at all maintaining a healthy portfolio? Sticker-shocked by the additional steps, the crypto-curious remain window shoppers, meandering through the hallowed halls of crypto forums and inflammatory headlines wondering, “should I invest now? I think I should. But, where? Maybe later”.

How do we reach the crypto-curious?

“You can’t change or create behaviour…But you can intercept it.’’

That’s easy (kind of). As start-up guru and founder of Idea to Startup Michael Scordato puts it “You can’t change or create behaviour…But you can intercept it.” We go to them. By bringing crypto products directly into their existing financial workflows, we will see the crypto-curious change their stories about why they haven’t invested into stories about how they are investing in crypto. At that point, the extra time spent researching projects is just that, extra. They have a trusted relationship with an Asset Manager or Advisor that trivializes diversifying their portfolio into vetted crypto products and DeFi instruments. Not coincidentally, bringing DeFi investments to traditional investors just happens to be the exact goal of the Rebus Investment Platform.

Ok, audience reached. What is a ‘safe’ crypto investment?

First, crypto is still a new technology and as such, is volatile.

Second, the first financial products won’t be released on the Rebus platform until sometime Q1 CY 2023. Investing in a project like Rebus is not like investing in community driven coins or stablecoins. Rebus is designed to rapidly expand the addressable market by tapping into the crypto-curious demographic. It’s a serious mission with industry-wide implications.

Third, our goal is not to offer investment advice. Our goal is to enable mainstream financial institutions to provide that advice by providing them with regulated, DeFi investment products they can vet and sell to their clients.

But, our unsolicited advice is to focus investments on projects promising and delivering real utility. The crypto-curious, et al., should be focused on long-term investments versus short-term bets. Invest in projects bringing real utility and pushing the space forward. By utility, we don’t just mean helping other crypto projects; we mean answering questions such as “what will take this market to the next level? What will attract more people to this space? What will legitimize crypto?”

Rebus: Taking DeFi Mainstream

Fortunately, Rebus is providing good answers to all of those questions. Building inside the Cosmos ecosystem allows us to achieve a magical balance, ensuring we help facilitate growth for other projects while simultaneously enabling investment from more traditional crypto-curious investors. The aforementioned adoption blockers disappear through our Rebus vaults, allowing asset managers to vet and offer DeFi instruments to their clients. We eliminate the time required for self-custodial asset storage or researching a project during your bathroom reading breaks. Furthermore, the Rebus Platform allows teams of professionals to filter the crypto hype-trains that smell a bit off and instead focus on serious projects worth our hard-earned cash and limited time. By creating a safe space for traditional investors, we will bridge the gap between TradFi and DeFi by enabling investments with a risk profile that matches your fleshed-out financial goals. Think of your traditional stock fund, like the S&P 500, but for crypto. No research, no individual ownership, just pure, unfiltered investment into the best projects this new asset class has to offer.

Rebus is going to attract new investors to crypto, not because they’re making a better argument to invest in crypto, because they’re bringing crypto investments to traditional investors

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