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September 1, 2022

Ethermint vs Kava Proposal

Rebus Chain is a firm believer that collaboration and partnerships are critical to the strength of an ecosystem. We are here to reward projects that have helped us and, in turn, help upcoming projects once they’re fully operational. It’s a great way to continually push the crypto ecosystem forward.

Recently, there has been a fixed proposal on the Kava network for three million $KAVA tokens, currently worth $5.6 million, to support the development of Ethermint since Kava has integrated it and is using it to expand its ecosystem.

Quote from proposal below

“Tharsis, the team of engineering architects, owners, and core maintainers of the Ethermint EVM library that powers Kava’s Ethereum co-chain, is requesting 3M out of ~80M KAVA tokens (~3.7%) from the Community Pool Treasury to fund, develop and advance critical EVM infrastructure through the Ethermint Engineering and R&D team for 1 year.
The Tharsis team will use these resources to grow the existing Ethermint engineering team, so Tharsis can take on the commitments and responsibilities necessary to keep maintaining and supporting the Ethermint code repository and to implement new functionalities for the EVM.”

After taking some time to understand the proposal, the Rebus team has come to the conclusion that their approach had the right intention, but the community funding pool probably isn’t the right place to take it from. Our team has over 30 years of experience building software, so we understand the costs associated with such a task. Maintaining and improving Etheremint is surely a heavy task that requires specific skills, but it seems that 3 million $KAVA tokens is excessive for a single year of development.

Although Kava has been using Ethermint heavily for their own blockchain, we believe a simple partnership should have solved the issue. For example, to reward those who have greatly aided the development of our platform, we are issuing an airdrop directly to those communities.

Internally, we have discussed the matter and decided to allocate some of our $REBUS development budget to the Etheremint development. It’s a core project for our blockchain, and we wouldn’t want it to go away. Rebuschain is a new player in the Cosmos ecosystem. Still, we are willing to build and collaborate with the other players because this is the ethos shared by the Cosmos Ecosystem and the open source world.

If Ethermint were to stop being kept as an open-source project, we would gladly help the Tharsis team maintain the open-source version.

Debate and resolution are key to Cosmos’ continued development. Having open conversations, regardless of the fact that we all have varying opinions on the matter will allow us to overcome these problems and continue building.

  • The Rebus Team

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