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July 12, 2022

Countdown to the $REBUS Coin Distribution & Airdrop

It’s official. The countdown to the $REBUS Airdrop and public coin distribution (PCD) has begun. By early Fall 2022, fellow Cosmonauts will have the chance to be on the leading edge of a platform aimed squarely at growing the entire crypto community by simplifying access to crypto investments and expanding the utility of those crypto assets. If you haven’t already, check out our write-ups regarding the goals of the platform, the products supported by it, why we picked Cosmos, the role of the native $REBUS coin, and how income streams work. While we will summarize some of those finer points, our focus will remain on the Airdrop: Who qualifies? How do I sign-up? How will the distribution work?

Who should be excited about the Rebus Platform?

As we’ve said before, our mission is to take DeFi mainstream by making crypto investments accessible through traditional means, like asset managers and advisors. So, to rephrase, who benefits from a 4X increase in crypto demand over the next 1–3 years? We’ve boiled it down to a few types:

Current Crypto Investors & Enthusiasts

This should be self-explanatory. If you are holding an asset that is likely to experience a four-fold increase in demand, your asset will rise in value. So, holders of cryptocurrencies (of all types) would be simultaneously supporting and hedging any legitimate crypto assets they hold today by supporting $REBUS.

Asset Managers

Asset managers sell financial products to individual investors. Individual investors or “retail” investors have grown dramatically over the last 3–5 years with services like Robinhood simplifying the steps to invest in the market. Rather than watching or discussing how clients are spending money through X protocol or Y exchange, Asset managers can now add such products to their line-up to better retain and attract clients.

Other Cosmos-Based Projects

Similar to other projects in the Cosmos ecosystem, Rebus solves a straightforward problem for DeFi projects; expanding the total addressable market (TAM). Launching a project into DeFi requires that users follow unique steps, have unique market knowledge, and have the time to manage a separate portfolio from their traditional investments. To date, only about 13% of people are invested in crypto compared to 58–60% that are invested in traditional finance. By being available to investors through traditional means, such projects will immediately benefit from a larger TAM. For more info, check out the details about our Testnet.

The Crypto-Curious

These are people who “wish they would have but…” when it comes to crypto investing. Upon launch, they were skeptical and hesitated. Today, they want to diversify into crypto, but just don’t have the time to understand all the steps and want professional guidance into legitimate investments. Even worse, the recent crypto volatility has further shaken the confidence for these crypto-curious people to act. But, if their asset manager or financial advisor offered crypto products resembling their existing portfolio, they’d jump aboard and feel great doing it.

Who qualifies for the $REBUS Airdrop?

We will release the final requirements and numbers in a couple of weeks, we’re looking to involve existing Cosmonauts, among others, in our mission to take DeFi mainstream. We will announce the specific chains after 15 July as well as the specifics for holding versus staking requirements.

What is the formula for the total $REBUS airdrop?

Just as with the minimums, these details will be released in mid-July. Our approach is to weigh the Airdrop based common factors for the involved coins, such as total supply.

How does Claiming work?

Claiming details will be released along with the minimums and airdrop distribution. There will be some action via our web application, which we’re excited to announce...

What’s the Public Coin Distribution (PCD) all about?

The Public Coin Distribution (PCD) commences the publicly traded life of $REBUS coins. Initially, $REBUS will be available on a select amount of Centralized and Decentralized exchanges. As our reputation in and outside of the Cosmos ecosystem grows, that list will continue to expand. By publicly releasing our own Coin, we aim to steadily push value into $REBUS through the launch of the first Financial Products, slated for Q1 CY 2023.

We look forward to providing further updates about the Airdrop, PCD, platform partners, channel partners, and more.

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