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May 24, 2022

An Overview - The Rebus Platform and Its Products

What type of products will the Rebus Platform support?

The sole purpose of the Rebus Platform is to facilitate growth in decentralized finance (DeFi) by providing good answers to "How do I invest?" and "What can I do with those investments?" We believe this requires allowing investors to buy DeFi products, in familiar language, from trusted, traditional financial (TradFi) institutions. Supporting the growth of an entire industry also requires building an extensible and accessible framework that allows for the addition of products that may not exist for years to come. Such a mission requires satisfying financial regulations for each product and building the technical infrastructure to ensure the function, security, and speed of such transactions.

This series briefly describes the products we intend to deliver and support and the mechanics of each, with more detail available here.

Two Categories of Rebus Products

Rebus is a platform built to support many different products supporting entire application-specific blockchains, like $ATOM, $JUNO, and $OSMO built with the popular CosmosSDK. There can be an unlimited number of products within this platform. However, there are only two categories for all products: direct or layered, and some can be both. All products rely upon a foundational component to operate legally and functionally, called the Rebus Vault.

Rebus Direct Products are built and maintained by the Rebus team and implemented directly into the Rebus Vault. Rebus is the sole supplier of these products, using no 3rd party smart contracts or applications.

All direct products receive FIAT currency backing through Rebus crypto and partner client funds. The Rebus Vault is directly linked to each product, collecting fees for the entire Rebus ecosystem and its partners.

Rebus Layered Products are 3rd party applications running on the Rebus chain (among others), interconnected through the Cosmos ecosystem, and using the Rebus investment and inter-blockchain connection logic. The Rebus Vault utilizes the Cosmos IBC/ICA to interact with the applications and collect fees for the ecosystem and our partners.

Rebus Investment Platform Diagram
For the investor, the complexities are behind the scenes, with their interaction being with their trusted asset manager.

Direct or Layered - Staking Products

Staking products can be direct or layered products. When direct, the product focuses on the native $REBUS coin, allowing users the opportunity to earn a passive return on their investment. When layered, the product can focus on any supported coin, such as $ATOM, $JUNO, or $OSMO, to name a few, for the same passive earning potential.

Each staking product varies in duration, reward, and risk. These variables allow the creation of staking products that fit the needs of specific investor portfolios, just as with traditional investments.

For example, a staking product can be designed to fit low-risk, confirmed-yield product lines, just as easily as moderate-risk, high-yield product lines.

Layered - Liquidity Pool Products

Instead of using order books, like traditional markets, DeFi markets use liquidity pools where two assets are relatively valued. Liquidity pools utilize an automated-market maker approach to eliminate common problems when using traditional order books for DeFi swaps.

  1. Single Pair Liquidity Pool:

This product is a low-risk, market-neutral, instantly accessible liquidity pool for beginner DeFi investors. Every transaction within the pool generates a fee collected by the investors.

  1. Multi-Pair Liquidity Pool:

The Multi-pair liquidity pool product is another market-neutral liquidity pool. By focusing on several pairs instead of one, there is both a higher reward and a slightly higher risk. More pools mean potentially more transactions and more rewards. Additionally, more pools yield a greater chance that one or several pairs could drop in price.

For more detailed information, read our full whitepaper here.

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