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August 17, 2022

Airdrop Rules for WAX Community

Today we are pleased to announce the collaboration between Farming Tales and Rebuschain.

Rebuschain will be part of the Farming Tales metaverse, and users will have the chance to jump into New Waxchester using this blockchain as well, thus further expanding our cross-chain vision. $REBUS tokens, therefore, will be used within the metaverse soon for some dedicated activities.

To celebrate this partnership, the Rebuschain team has decided to air-drop $REBUS to the Farming Tales community, along with WAX users.

How to take part in the Airdrop?

Please take the following steps to join the Airdrop:

  • Install the Keplr wallet extension on your browser: you can install Keplr on Google Chrome and Brave (you can find the extension here). We recommend creating the account with the “Create New Account” function, which will allow you to generate a mnemonic seed that will give you greater security. Keplr doesn’t save your information, so be sure to save the mnemonic phrase in a safe place.
  • Once the account has been created, connect to this link. You will receive two alerts: one to add the Rebus Chain to the Keplr functions and one to connect to the Rebus Chain; accept them both.
  • At this point, your Rebus Address will be displayed. Save it in a safe place.
  • Enter the following code in your Atomic Hub bio (which you can find here):Join the Rebus Chain - [your_rebus_wallet]

🚨 [your_rebus_wallet] must be replaced with the rebus address you obtained at the end of the procedure performed above. 🚨 so the result will look something like this:

Join the Rebus Chain - rebus1dl90xa89ljj29mna8uasdxs3nejdw46x8767tc

  • Once your bio is updated, join the Rebus Discord Server
  • Go to the #wax-airdrop channel and link your account by running the following command:!link [your_wax_wallet]

🚨 [your_wax_wallet] must be replaced with your wax wallet address. 🚨 so the result will look something like this:

!link mywallet.wam

  • Wax users will be allowed to link their wallets until August 31st.
  • Only users with a wax wallet created before 8/17/2022 can participate.

What is an Airdrop?

A crypto airdrop is a method by which you can participate directly in a new crypto project earning free tokens from the project.

Users that have already invested in specific projects (in this case, $WAX, $ATOM, $OSMO, or $ EVMOS) are getting the right to a specific amount of free $REBUS tokens by helping the aforementioned projects and, ultimately, the wider Cosmos community.

Users who receive the airdrop are free to do whatever they please with their free $REBUS as they will be live on the Mainnet, although we hope you HODL them!

Multiple options will be available for the airdrop users:

  • Staking the $REBUS from the beginning for attractive APRs
  • Providing liquidity by investing $REBUS into liquidity pools
  • Participating in Rebus governance
  • Use $REBUS in the several applications that will launch on the Rebuschain
  • Trading $REBUS for other tokens.

Learn more about Farming Tales

Learn more about Rebus

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