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December 22, 2022

6 Essential Security Practices to Protect Your Rebus Tokens

While crypto is growing in popularity, it is also becoming a lucrative resource for bad actors. At the core of cryptocurrencies is the notion that people can act as their own banks. Protect your tokens properly; they’ll be hard to reach and even more secure than most bank vaults. Fail to do so, and risk bad threats remotely emptying your wallet and stealing your tokens.

Learning to secure your tokens properly is crucial as you journey down the crypto rabbit hole. And nowadays, it’s not enough to store them properly but also to learn to use them securely as you interact with different dApps and DeFi protocols.

This guide will discuss the best ways to keep your crypto assets safe, including those $REBUS you worked hard to own.

Common Security Practices

As a smart $REBUS shareholder, you’ve probably been wondering about the best ways to manage and safeguard your tokens from breaches, leaks, and security threats, if you’re not staking them.

  1. The security of your digital assets begins with you. The most important rule to securing your assets is always being alert and vigilant. There are lots of scams nowadays, and hackers are becoming sophisticated. Educate yourself on different common scams used by hackers, and you’ll be able to better protect yourself and your asset. Most asset losses to hackers in the crypto space happen because victims connect their wallets and interact with fraudulent dApps. Before taking any step, do research on any opportunities presented to you.
  2. Avoid public WiFi or internet connection from unreliable sources. Public internet doesn’t have the protection required to stop lurking hackers. Making cryptocurrency transactions while connected to a public internet is not advisable. Cybercriminals can easily use different kinds of malware and spyware to compromise your data, including your keyphrases. If you need to complete your crypto transaction on public WiFi, a VPN might be a great tool to have. VPNs can mask your network activity and IP address, so bad actors cant follow your every move.
  3. Use trusted browsers like Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or Brave for your transaction, and always remember to check for updates regularly. You also need to be careful of what extensions you give access to in your browser. Allow access to extensions you trust, and if you receive a security warning about any, never hesitate to remove them.
  4. Buying your crypto and storing it are two separate things entirely. Safely store your seed phrases and keep them out of reach of others if you choose to store your $REBUS on hot wallets like Keplr or Metamask. Your seed phrases and private keys are ways to access your account, so do not share them with anyone or even store them online. The best practice is to write them down on a physical piece of paper and store in fireproof and waterproof safes. Most hot wallets require passwords. You may be tempted to use your everyday password, but there are many security-related reasons to use a different and unique one.
  5. Another common way people lose their digital assets is by connecting to fake or compromised applications. Many scammers offer fake versions of popular dApps, or websites and even go as far as advertising these fake platforms. It’s best practice to always check the URLs and the authenticity of websites you want to connect your wallet to. Check that you’ve got the right website URL, and only use dApps you trust.
  6. Centralized exchanges offer the best way to buy and trade crypto. $REBUS is currently trading on MEXC Global and BitMart. Keep your exchange account safe by turning on Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) for withdrawals on your account. 2FA requires you to input a code every time you need to make a withdrawal. To make it even more secure, you can use an authenticator app like Google Authenticator with your 2FA.

Wrapping Up

Even with the crypto winter, usage continues to hit new highs in the crypto space as more people join new networks and download wallets for the first time. This increase in activity also leads to increased criminal activities of hackers that seek to take advantage of new entrants to the space.

These are just some security practices to protect yourself and your $REBUS tokens. For more important information like this, keep visiting our blog and medium and connect with our different social media accounts.

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